You're here, now what? Hopefully you're here to share, argue, and/or agree on topics related to managing projects and programs. This site was made to be a local resource to add to your magical tool box of tricks, but even if you're "not from around here" LouisvillePMers welcome your participation. Here are three things to expect from LouisvillePM and from this online community.

The Golden Rule - In order to maximize this community's possibilities, participation should encourage further participation and conversation. So no flaming or personal attacks, please. Nobody likes to be talked down to and we all had to start out somewhere at some point. If we all operate under the assumption that everyone is here for some kind of professional development, we should all be able to remain civil.

No SPAM - Your email address will not be shared with anyone without your permission (unless required by law). Along those same lines, all LouisvillePMs are expected to refrain from spamming their fellow LouisvillePMs.

Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike License - You may share any text or images that you find on this site. You give everyone else that same right when you post text or images on this site. You just have to attribute it to its original author and source, and let others republish or remix your version of the content used on the same terms.

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