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Asking Questions Leads to Answering Questions

I lead a meeting last Tuesday that reminded me that it is essential to know what the "powers that be" feel is important when leading meetings. In this case, I was able to provide satisfactory answers to three looming questions that a decision maker had on his mind, and secure funding for the recommendations I provided.

The key to clairvoyance is to know what decision makers think is important up front. If you know what a decision maker thinks is important, then you know what kind of… Continue

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December Big News

I want to preface this update with the fact that it will be the last monthly status update you receive from me here. I'm proud to say that Bud Ratliff, of the Solarity Group, has purchased the LouisvillePM website and social media properties and will carry the torch of making project management indispensable in Louisville, Kentucky.

Bud was an early supporter of LouisvillePM, and me personally, and I have been lucky to have gotten the chance to know him over the past year… Continue

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Another month is in the history books, LouisvillePMers and we're fixing to jump into a new decade in another month. Exciting times, for sure. Let's take a look at November 09 though, shall we?


It looks like we had a 1.4% increase in membership over the last month, putting us at 304 members of the LouisvillePM Ning Community. We also have 70 friends and 11 fans on Facebook, 210 members of our LinkedIn Group, and 18 followers on Twitter. I have added… Continue

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September / October

I've never combined months before... but work has picked up so I haven't been putting much time into this site lately. Thanks for those of you who are hanging in there. Let's take a look at September and October, shall we?


It looks like we had a 2.7% increase in membership over the last two months. More importantly, we've reached the 300 member mark which is awesome. I'm pretty pumped about that.


No events over the last… Continue

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Agile Project Management

I've been part of an Agile Project Management team for the past month and change and it has been a tremendous learning experience. We have set up our sprints on a weekly basis, so every week we're prioritizing requirements and checking code to see what we've built.

Here are some observations to date:

Positive Notes

It's great to see what the team has accomplished every Friday

It's great to review the requirements on a weekly basis

Nobody has… Continue

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Although I wasn't able to get everything done in August that I would have liked to have gotten done, I think that it was one of our most successful months in terms of progress on the site and in the community. Here's the breakdown of what went down:


An increase in membership nearly doubled at 2.4% to 296 members. It seems that some of the new members arrived due to the new LinkedIn Group that I established this month. I'm looking to use the LinkedIn… Continue

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LinkedIn Group

I noticed that I have about 100 extra Louisville based project management contacts on LinkedIn, than have signed up for LouisvillePM. So I went ahead and created a LinkedIn Group last night and invited all of my contacts

If you didn't get an invite, you can check out the group here, and join today.

This is the first step in an attempt to enhance… Continue

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A lot of behind the scenes work went down in the month of July, and I think that it was a pretty productive month for LouisvillePM. Here's the breakdown of what went down:


Membership crept up 1.4% to 289 members. I know that it's been said before, but I'm thinking that I may focus on increasing membership throughout the month of August. I met some really interesting people in July and have some tricks up my sleeve, so to speak... It's just going to… Continue

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3 New Job Postings and 9 Resume Tips

Hey everybody, I'm really excited to announce that we have three new job postings on the job board and they are all quality. Whether you're looking for a job because you're unemployed or because you're looking for a new opportunity, check out the postings and let me know what you think in the comments below.

Also, I've come across this really great, and funny,… Continue

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Networking Events Teaser...

I had a great telephone conversation with my friend Chad this morning and he really got me energized to get off my duff.

Thank you Chad. :)

So we're going to try to start churning out a Free PDU event per month, at least until we all start to get sick of one another...

I've also been talking with another friend to possibly combine some of his get togethers with IT nerds… Continue

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Job Candidate Pet Peeves

Yahoo came out with a great article that looks at flaws to avoid in the interview process. I know that I've sat through my fair share of interviews throughout the past two years, and it can definitely be unnerving.

The trick, it seems, is to not make any of the mistakes on the list, while doing everything you can to bring your best possible foot… Continue

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I have changed the job forum format so that I am now the keeper of the job listings on LouisvillePM. If you have a listing and would like it posted you can either send me a message through LouisvillePM by going to My Page and clicking "Send a Message," or by shooting me an E-mail… Continue

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June has come and gone, and what a month it was... Let's check out a recap, shall we? Here's a breakdown of what went down:


Membership increased 1.8% to 285 members. I have yet to really focus on another significant membership drive, but may put a Facebook experiment together before the end of summer.


Instead of throwing our own event in June I decided to promote the Social Media Club Louisville's… Continue

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How do you use LinkedIn?

If you didn't attend the Social Media Club Louisville last Tuesday then you really missed out. Lewis Howes talked about LinkedIn and how he uses it to benefit him in his professional life. I wrote about the presentation and what I gained from it on my personal blog, hallicious.com.

I also read Lewis' book,… Continue

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I'm a PMP, Now What?

If you've recently passed the PMP exam and are wondering what's next in your career, I wanted to relay a cool newsletter I just found about today on twitter from my friend Josh Nankivel over at The pmStudent.

You just need to provide an E-mail address and your name to sign up and you'll receive tips every month on ways to maintain and leverage your PMP certification to take your career to the… Continue

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Soul Crushing Meetings

It was one of those days today. I had to sit through a one hour soul crushing meeting and it was brutal. The kind of meeting where stakeholders argue over ridiculously minute details with themselves out loud. Working out baggage while holding the group at large hostage.

You know the kind of meeting that I'm talking about. You've experienced it. We all have. We're PMs. We take the "un"productivity out of these very kinds of meetings. Its part of the job… Continue

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Another month is in the record books as we approach LouisvillePM's first full year of existence. Work really picked up for me, leaving me unavailable to put the time I wanted to into the site throughout May. Here's a breakdown of what went down:


Membership increased 2.2% to 280 members. Nothing much more to say about this, other then the fact that I still have big plans to try to increase site membership, and therefore site value to you the… Continue

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Social Media Club Louisville Event

The Social Media Club Louisville is bringing in Lewis Howes, author of LinkedWorking, to discuss the virtues of LinkedIn as a professional networking site.

I can't state enough how tools like LinkedIn can help you with your professional goals. Meeting new people and establishing weak… Continue

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Seven Great Tips for LinkedIn

Image representing LinkedIn as depicted in Cru...

Image via CrunchBase

I want to start focusing my LouisvillePM blog posts on the use of social tools to help LouisvillePMers network easier, faster, better and find jobs that allow you to take your career to the next… Continue

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Chris Brogan @ SMC Louisville Tuesday May 19th

It just dawned on me to pass this along but Chris Brogan - President of New Marketing Labs, a new media marketing agency, as well as the home of the Inbound Marketing Summit conferences and Inbound Marketing Bootcamp educational events - will be here in Louisville on Tuesday at the Humana HQ Building.

He will be providing an all day bootcamp and speaking in conjunction with the… Continue

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