I remember the days when I was an employee of the Federal Government and I got President's Day off. Whether I went somewhere with my family or just wasted it away, it was always a good time. This is actually only the second time in my life in which I have had to work on President's Day... Woe is me. :) Phil Gerbyshak made the most of his President's Day and he reminds us about the difference between a vacation and a facation in his post: Don’t Take A Facation!.

A fake vacation, or facation as Phil calls it, is when you don't really unplug from work. You fake it. I've tried to adopt the personal policy of not checking work E-mail while I'm at home after hours or on the weekend and especially not when I'm on vacation. But I understand that the temptation can be tough sometimes.

To combat my overwhelming urges to stay connected, I've been known to leave my laptop at work. This is usually very effective. What techniques do you use to keep work at work?

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